Monday, September 13, 2010

The Hazelwood Project

This is the house as it was early July 2010

It hardly seems like two months since we bought this little fixer. It was built in 1947. Not much has been done to it since. Billie and I have been working on it a little every day. So far I set up a drip system for all the existing fruit trees so I no longer have to walk around moving a soaker hose. I changed all the locks on the doors. Most of the doors were barely hanging. Billie in the meantime has been doing the roof tear off. We hauled about five truckloads of old shingles to the dump. Billie is getting handy with the flat bar and the nail puller. I have been setting up my shop for making stuff. So far I have built two pairs of sawhorses and a couple small benches so I can sit and work.
This bench is a copy of the bench my dad made. I use it every day

I am still not very steady on my feet but I am getting better. I made a nice little outfeed table for my table saw.
I need an outfeed table to hold up the end of the piece I'm ripping.

We are finally making stuff. This past weekend after tearing off the old front porch we made three new piers to support our new porch. The drawing below is just a sketch of our vision for the house. There are so many details that are yet to be decided on

Billie has mixed some mighty fine concrete for our new piers.

Our old porch is gone and we are ready to build the new one.

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